1. Half Cell module technology

The essential benefits at a glance:
- Lower power loss
- Optimised temperature behaviour
- Increased energy yield
Solar modules with halved solar cells are called halfcell modules or half-cut solar modules. This generation of solar cells has advanced properties.

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems
(Fraunhofer ISE) found on average 2-3% more solar modules with half-cell technology
outperforms modules with the same full battery
Enter cells.
Therefore, half-cell modules are more powerful than traditional full-cell modules, even
Although they are made of the same material.
Compared to a typical full battery, the current flowing
reduced by half-cells as they decrease
size. Splitting of solar cells halves current
The strength of each solar cell.
The power loss of a solar cell can be precisely calculated using mathematical formulas.
(reduces power loss in half-cell modules
Calculated by four times since the power loss
as the product of line resistance and current
intensity squared)
Therefore, the formula clearly confirms the most important benefit of half-cut technology - lower losses
power compared to full solar cells.
Less power loss increases solar efficiency
Modules and assemblies enable higher solar yields.

2.Bifacial Module with Transparent Backsheet technology

Up to 20% power gain depending on albedo and PV system design

Structure of Module Cell

Various Application